Will You Win the $100,000 Playing Daredevil Dave Slots

Rings of fire, cannons, checkered flags – these are all symbols in Daredevil Dave slots. The 20-payline slot game caters to players with a wide betting range of a penny to $10 and a handy autoplay feature. Daredevil Dave likes to take risks and many of the things he does pay great rewards.

Generous Payouts Are Waiting

The paytable in Daredevil Dave starts with the ring of fire worth up to 50 coins. The heart, helmet, and checkered flag come next with top payouts of 75, 100, and 125 respectively. The cannon is worth as much as 150, while the dirt bike is worth 20 to 200. Each of those symbols pays with three or more matching symbols on a payline.

The trucks and jacket require just two matches in order to win a prize. You can win as much as 400 or 500 respectively. The best symbol of them all is the #1 wild. It pays a whopping top prize of 10,000 credits, so on a $10 bet, you could win $100,000. When the wild forms a winning payline, you also gain by having your winnings double.

Awesome Bonus Features From Daredevil Dave

There are two additional symbols in Daredevil Dave slots that you don’t want to miss. The trophy scatter pays as much as 500 coins. It’s equally valuable as the key to 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier.

The final symbol you’ll find in Daredevil Dave slots is the race car bonus symbol. Get this symbol to appear on the second and fourth reel at the same time and play the bonus game. The Daredevil Dave bonus game takes place on a new screen. You’re shown four venues where you’ll perform a jump. Click jump and see if you can complete the jump within crashing. If you do, you win a cash prize. Keep going and see if you can make all four jumps. Crashing ends the game, but you collect the winnings you’ve accrued to that point.

Play Daredevil Dave slots and aim for the big win. All it takes is five trophy wilds on a maximum bet, and you can win a generous $100,000 payout.