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When you play casino games at Red Stag Online Casino, you have two options. First, you can download Red Stag Casino software. For many, however, this is not preferable option. Players don't want to take up space on their computer, want to be able to play casino games when they travel, or they don't want to wait for a time consuming installation. If this is how you feel, Red Stag Flash Casino is the perfect solution. Instead of downloading software, play online from any computer simply by logging into your account and clicking on the instant play option.

With Red Stag Online Flash Casino, the Flash lobby loads quickly and lets you play from any computer. Play when you're on a business trip or vacation, log into a library or cybercafe computer and play casino games, or play at work during your break. You cannot beat the convenience of using Red Stag Online Casino's instant play flash casino.

Do you want to see what you can play online at Red Stag Casino? How about a featured game like 7x Lucky 7s? Play the game of the month and earn tripled comp points. The casino offers three-, five-, and seven-reel slot games like Cash Cow and Mega Money Mine. Play Baccarat or Blackjack in the table games option or try a video poker option such as Bump it Up. If you're into specialty games, Bingo Bucks and Keno are always rewarding. You'll even find tournaments where you can play against others for cash prizes.

If you ever need help, it's easy to access support from the flash casino at Red Stag. Click Help and chat with a customer service representative or find the toll-free number or email if live chat isn't appealing. Red Stag Online Casino also makes it easy to check promotions and head to the cashier to deposit funds.

While Red Stag Casino offers free software you can download, the online flash casino is the better option. There's no waiting for your favorite casino game to install. You get instant access to dozens of slots, specialty, table games, and video poker options with Red Stag's flash casino. With the flash casino, all you have to do is sign in, play for fun or for real money, and then find your favorite games. You'll be playing in seconds thanks to this handy option.

Why should you know about the software developer Adobe?

Adobe is the developer of the Flash software on which every instant play casino will run - including Red Stag Casino. If you decide to forego the download and use the instant play casino, you'll need to install Flash on your computer. This takes only a few seconds and there is no charge for the software. Visit Adobe's official site to find the download link there.

Do you need to allow Adobe Flash to run at Red Stag?

Yes, if you have not already allowed Flash to run on the site, you'll need to make sure your computer is set to allow this. Most browsers prohibit your computer from running Flash unless you allow it. Once you've done it, it should continue to run for the rest of that day with no issues.

Playing the casino games on PC and Mac

The advantage of playing casino games on your computer is that you've got a bigger screen to watch the action on. This is great if you're playing a more detailed game, such as one with 3D graphics, for example. Even simpler games are great on a larger screen though, and you can use your mouse or trackpad to control your choices on betting and other elements of the games.

How to open an account at the Flash casino

If you're already a member of Red Stag, you don't need another account to use the Flash casino, even if you already downloaded their software. Just use the same details to log into your account as you normally do.

If you haven't got an account yet, it's time to get one. You'll see a simple signup option on most pages of the site, so just hit that and you're ready to get started. The site guides you through the various stages of the process, so it should be completed in moments. You can also read about your welcome bonus - don't forget to claim that.

Flash casino explained

A Flash casino is one you can easily access on your desktop or laptop. People tend to like them because they do not require any software other than Flash to work. Most people have Flash anyway, as it is used on numerous sites and allows lots of things to work.

If a game works with Flash software, it means it works in your browser rather than via downloadable casino software. Many players prefer it, although of course it's personal preference as you might suppose.

What's the difference between a Flash casino vs a download casino?

Flash uses just that software to work, as we already explained. This means you do not need any software from the actual casino. Conversely, a download casino means getting the casino software. There is usually a command on the home page inviting you to download that software at no charge. The good thing is this only needs to be completed once. The downside is that if you play across two computers, you'd need to get the casino download on each one. Flash would work with whatever browser you're using.

Flash casino vs mobile casino - do you have a preference?

A lot is likely to depend on where you are. You can only go into the Flash casino if you have a computer nearby. If you tend to visit Red Stag Casino via a smartphone or a tablet - maybe on Android or iOS, for example - you'd likely prefer the mobile casino. The design makes more sense to view when you are working with a smaller screen, for starters. There are lots of mobile games to try at Red Stag Casino, so you can count on enjoying plenty of those even when you're on the go.

Flash casino game benefits to think about

It's fast, for starters, and even though you'll need to enable the software to work with the Red Stag Casino website, this takes just a couple of seconds to do. It should then work throughout your current session and only clear when you turn off your computer. As such, it's not a hassle.

You also don't need to wait ages for a game to load when you want to play one. Since you've spotted a title and you want to check it out, you won't want to hang around waiting for it to begin. Fortunately, most Flash games are ready to go in just a few seconds. Wouldn't that be great when you next visit Red Stag?

Popular Flash slots themes to watch for at Red Stag Casino

The first thing you'll see when exploring the available slots at Red Stag is the huge variety in store for you. It doesn't matter if you have preferences or what they are - you're sure to find many games that appeal to you.

In the three-reel slots area, you've got lots of dramatic fruity classics to try. However, this section also has a range of wild games - truly wild ones with wild multipliers to look out for. If you want to try a classic slot with an edge, these are the ones to look for.

When you get into the video slots area, you'll see many more games to try covering plenty more themes. For example, you might see adventurers going off into all kinds of countries and locations throughout history. There are games set in outer space or ones that feature aliens. There is a chance to go to ancient Egypt or to see what secret agents get up to. There are animals, magicians, stacks of gold, and plenty more as well.

Slot themes are just about as wide ranging as you could imagine. If you can think of a theme, there is a strong chance there is at least one game at Red Stag Casino that works on that theme.