Red Stag Casino

Red Stag Online Casino tournaments are the place to be. Sure, you can play slots on your own time, but with the tournaments, you play the WGS slots you already love and have the chance to win a ton of money simply by topping the leaderboard at the end of the competition.

Tournaments at Red Stag Online Casino vary from day to day, week to week, and even month to month. The schedule changes regularly, so there's always a new slot game to try and different prize levels. Try a daily tournament or see if you can win more than other players over the span of a week. Simply click on the tournament schedule at Red Stag Casino and see what games intrigue you.

How to find the best online slots tournaments at Red Stag Casino

Firstly, you should know you can find the tournament area of the casino in the main menu. Once you're in the right page, you can see all the available tournaments in the tournament lobby. Each one has its own ID and tourney name, along with start and end dates. The color of the time remaining on each event changes as it gets closer to the finish line.

How do tournaments work anyway?

Each event uses a different game. For example, some use slots. In this case, the name of the specific slot used is mentioned under Game Name in the appropriate area of the Red Stag Casino. We spotted Cash Cow as the focus for one event and Cool Bananas for another one.

The idea is to register for an event and to try and grab a slice of the available prize pool. This differs in amount from one event to another. One competition might see the winner take the entire pot, while another might see it shared between several players reaching the top positions in the leaderboard.

Do you know how to play online tournaments?

You cannot take part unless you are registered to do so. Even if a tournament is a freeroll event and is free to enter, you won't be part of it unless you register. Make sure you do this ahead of the event if you can, so you're ready to start on time.

All you do then is to play as you usually would. You should be betting with real cash, of course, otherwise you won't be counted among the players taking part. No demo play is included in these events.

What are freerolls and why are they best for new tourney players?

If you have never tried taking part in a tournament before, you are going to have a slight learning curve to manage. The best way to do this is by choosing a freeroll to enter. This means you don't pay a cent to participate. All you pay are the usual bets you'd play on the game anyway.

As such, we'd recommend you choose a tournament that involves a game with very low bets. If you can restrict your participation to just a few cents per wager, you are going to stretch your budget further and you'll get a better feel for the duration of the event.

Should you switch to real money tournaments?

If you've started with freerolls, you'll know you still need to pay for your real bets to take part. However, if you look at the buy-in column of the events on offer at Red Stag Casino, you'll see some events have $0.00 amounts shown and others have larger sums shown.

For example, you might pay $3.00, $5.00, or even $9.99 to enter an event. However, you'll notice the prize pool is often far bigger for a pay-to-enter event. For example, the Cash Cow tournament was free to enter and had a prize pool worth $1,750. In contrast, the Shaaark event cost $9.99 to enter… but it had a prize pool worth $15,000.

Bitcoin tournaments: What should you expect?

These work in much the same fashion as regular tourneys. The difference is that you pay your entry fees in Bitcoins and you'd likely receive any prizes the same way. That means they might be shown in mBTC rather than in US dollars, so check the details before entering.

Are there daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments to enter?

Yes, Red Stag Casino offers a consistent mix of tournaments to look at. Some only run for 24 hours while others last for seven days or more.

When you think about which ones are going to suit you best of all, think about how much time you'll have available to play during the event. You might be better entering a 24-hour event where you're available to play rather than a week-long one where you might only have a day or two to take part.

Trying some slots tournaments to enjoy new games

One thing you'll soon notice when you review the list of tournaments at Red Stag Casino is that a good mix of games is used to create variety. We love this, because we often find games in there we haven't noticed before. If you find one included in a freeroll, why not take part? It makes sense if you are going to try it anyway. It means you can give it a go and still be in with a shot at a portion of that prize pool.

Are there any table games tournaments to try?

Yes, Red Stag does provide tourneys based around table games too. The good thing is you'll see the events are split into categories, and one such category is for table games. Select that option and you'll see everything currently available to look at.