Monster Money Slots

Creating monsters in your free time is an expensive hobby and even mad scientists have to make end meet so how do they do it? It’s simple-gambling and online slots. Monster Money has a suitably freakish theme and involves a very creepy collection of symbols and background on the main and bonus screens. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines on the background of a scary barred laboratory and on them you will encounter a lot of bonuses, effective symbols and a big jackpot as your endearing scientific journey to giving life to your monster continues. The smallest coin value is 1 cent and the largest one is 10 dollars, which eventually makes the highest bet possible 250 dollars.

Monstrous Adventures

The wild symbol is indeed the wildest looking and it might come as a surprise to you that we are not talking about the head symbol of the monster, or its arm, or its foot, the bone on which is perfectly visible but about the professor himself. He looks scarier and crazier than any one of the green body parts that can come up on the reels. His great knowledge of creepy science enables him to replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the big exception of the one thing he needs the most-the Electrical Rod, which serves as the game’s scatter. He is also capable of granting the player the jackpot top award that amounts to 5000 coins. The wild also has the ability to triple prizes. As for the scatter, it is capable of delivering payouts on its own with as few as 2 symbols. However, get 5 scatters on your reels and you will get a multiplier of 100 on your full payout of the spin. Some of the more profitable symbols that can grace these rather gross but highly profitable paylines are The Castle, the Scared Civilian, the Hunchback, the Brain, the Screws, a canister containing a green liquid (who can possibly know what that is exactly), a technical device with a display and an antenna, probably for catching the lightning that will give life to the beast.

Monstrous Bonus

The bonus level is also left in the hands of the scatter and players will need at least three of the scatter simultaneously in order to activate it. The bonus is monstrous in several ways. First off, you will be able to select between 8 initial choices-8 doors located in a dark dungeon. The gambler will be allowed to make 5 selections and each of those will grant an award. At the end of the level, all the acquired prizes will be added up to your balance.

At the end of this rather unattractively looking but very atmospheric slot, you will not create an actual monster for real but what you will end up making is a lot of money, which is much more preferable eventually.