Lucky 7's Slots

Lucky 7s Slots is a butt ugly game that pays well, is addicted, and a lot of fun. It is a somewhat odd game to discuss in that way. On the one hand, it looks like crap that would not be worth anyone’s time. On the other, it thoroughly is worth your time, and is a blast the longer you play. This dual nature of Lucky 7s Slots pervades the entire game, and almost makes you come to like it more because of how punk of a feeling that ends up creating. If you like good, fun slots with more reels than any other that pay well and hold your attention, Lucky 7s Slots is where it is at.


The premise of Lucky 7s Slots is that 7 is a lucky number that you can plaster over seemingly everything. We are surprised they did not opt for grouping 7 cherries on those tiles, but everywhere else but the $ symbol is a place to expect a 7 here. It becomes funny after a while, even fitting into the reel number, which stands at 7.


Graphics in Lucky 7s Slots are not so lucky. It looks like butt despite playing like butter. We are not even entirely sure what went into the design decisions here. The graphics are somewhere between emoticons and clip art, which although enticing to type is not enticing to look at. It is cute to see how many variations of things they could slap 7s on, but they did not do a pretty job in doing it. The colors are crisp, clear, vivid, and inviting, which is the nicest praise we can give the way this game looks. The UI and background, however, are embarrassingly ugly and almost laughable.


Gameplay in Lucky 7s Slots is the primary focus, which we enjoy. With a whopping 7 reels and 7 pay lines, this is a high rolling game that is authentically fun and innovative. The max payout is 2.5k coins, jackpots are great, and betting runs the gamut on accessibility.

Something about having 7 reels makes this slot feel like it gives us more chances to win, which in a sense it might. Regardless, it works, and is a fast and furious payout machine once you get going on this exciting digital money maker. More innovative bonus rounds would have been nice, but you cannot have everything it would seem.


+ Funny theme + 7 reels! + Fun gameplay + Addictive + Good payouts


- Bonuses are meh - Graphics are butt - UI is ugly


Lucky 7s Slots Is like the ugly baby that grew up to be hilarious and rich. The graphics suck, but the gameplay rocks, making for odd bed fellows that culminate into a completely playable game that will keep you going for hours at a time as you rack up the dough. We recommend it without hesitation, and only wish it looked a little better. There are not many 7 reel games, and what alternatives there are out there usually suck. This game is great, however, and you will not regret a second spent with it. You will walk away happier and richer by at least 7 orders of magnitude than when you began.