Win $50,000 Cash Playing Gold of the Gods

Play Gold of the Gods slots for your chance to win $50,000. Bets range from a penny per payline to $5 per. It’s the $5 bet that will get you the whopping $50k jackpot. Animations, fun sound effects, and colorful symbols make this game stand out.

Here’s What You Stand to Win

With Gold of the Gods, you’ll win a prize every time there is a match of two or three symbols on an activated payline. The poker symbols (9 to A) all require a trio of matching symbols. Prizes range from 5 to 100 coins for the 9 and 10 to 10 to 250 for the K and A. The neck piece and the jeweled figure also require a match of three or more. These pay as much as 500 and 1,000 coins respectively.

Remaining symbols need just two matches in order to gain a prize. The horse symbol pays 3 to 2,000; the woman pays 5 to 3,000 coins. The best of the symbols is the man who pays 10 to 10,000 coins, which on a $5 bet nets you $50k!

What it Takes to Play the Gold of the Gods Bonus Game

Three or more scatter scepter symbols lead to a bonus feature. While the scatter pays a token amount of 2 to 200 coins, the bonus is really worthwhile. During the bonus feature, there’s a solar eclipse. Scattered around the screen are a number of items you can give to the gods. Pick them one at a time and get cash, free spins, and multipliers in return. Keep picking until you find the sun.

Head to your favorite casino and play Gold of the Gods today. There’s a lot you can win, and you’ll have fun spinning the reels and watching your casino balance grow!