X Marks the Spot Slots

X Marks the Spot Slots is a pirate themed slot that is wonky around the edges becomes together well thanks to a lot of heart. Featuring an art style that hums but does not sing, compelling gameplay mechanics, and a decent chance of giving you booty, this is a fun game that most people can get into despite the caveats that will be addressed here. Those looking for something breathtaking or inventive will be left wanting. Anyone that is down for a good time with a competent slot that clearly tries hard, however, will enjoy their time invested on the high seas here in hopes of striking it big.


The premise of X Marks the Spot Slots is pirates and treasure. Buried treasure, to be exact, which is where the titular X is presumed to mark. It features many standard tropes from that genre in a somewhat slapdash way that is uneven in its look, but for the most part sticks to a fun pirate theme and ends up being all the better for it.


Graphics in X Marks the Spot Slots are nothing to write home about, but they clearly tried. You can tell the rendering is a bit off on most all characters, and some things stick out like a sore thumb because of their completely different background - at times a lack of background - but it has enough personality to be endearing despite all that. The colors are vivid and vibrant, the graphics are clear, and the backgrounds and UI go well together, however, to make something that will not hurt your eyes enough to stab one out and don an eye patch over it.


Gameplay in X Marks the Spot Slots is where the developer clearly spent their budget. Featuring the standard 5 reels and 20 pay lines, this is a slot that takes the classic formula and meets it with high rolling payouts and chances for gold. Bets range from a penny to $10, making this on the higher end of slots will still leaving the bottom end there for those more timid to pick it all up.

The Treasure Bonus round, as you might expect, is the most fun part of the game, featuring treasure maps shown in sequence that if selected correctly can reveal a key to a treasure chest filled with more than enough gold to make up for the price of the key itself.


+ Pirates are great + Colorful graphics + UI works well + Lots of heart


- Low budget character art - Reels and graphics do not always mesh well together - Standard gameplay


X Marks the Spot Slots Hits all the high pirate notes you would come to expect in anything resembling the genre, and does so to the tune of high pay outs and big jackpot bonus rounds that keep things interesting. It does not attempt to break the mold of what goes into slot games, but it does do what it does well enough to be addictive, endearing, and interesting. If you love the high seas and are mostly looking for a high pay out, you will love what X Marks the Spot Slots has to offer. We recommend setting sail with it now before all the loot has been plundered and there is no one to blame for it but yourself.