Royal Carribean Slots

The Caribbean is always full of fun and even more so when going back in history to the kings and jesters that would travel there on ships looking for hidden treasures while also enjoying themselves at every stage. This three reel slots game is a perfect replica of the fun that the Kings and their courts had on their way to the Caribbean. Players can win up to 1600 coins when landing three of the kings on the payline and having placed a three coin bet.

The Fun Times with the King

Players may try out this game in the fun mode before placing real money bets using coin sizes of up to $10 with a maximum bet of $30 per spin. Symbols in the game include dancing jesters, horsemen and kings in addition to some traditional slots symbols. The highest payout as mentioned is for the king with a three coin bet paying the player 1600 coins and with a two coin bet the player wins 1000 coins and a single coin bet earns the player 400 coins when three of the Kings land on the payline. This game is fun easy and rewarding to play.