Have a Real Poker and Slots Experience Rolled into One with Reel Poker Slots

Every now and then, we see a new slot game that looks set to change the way slots are played. It doesn’t happen often, but today we’ve found that game in Reel Poker Slots.

The title gives away what’s coming: This is a slot game based on poker that gives you the experience of playing video poker in a different way. There’s a minor and major jackpot built into the game, both of which have maximum triggers to set them off at certain levels. And that’s without mentioning the big progressive jackpot also there to be won! Let’s find out more.

How much can you bet on the game and what’s the deal with reels and paylines?

There are five reels in action and you get 100 chances to win with each spin. The coin values are set at 50 cents apiece, and this makes it easier to figure out your bet.

You see, you bet 50 cents per spin. This means you get two lines per cent as your bet, so a half-dollar gets you 100 winning chances every time you play.

Classic winning combinations for poker

The winning lines available in this game are not based on matching symbols. Instead, you must try and get poker hands.

For example, while you can get five of a kind to win 2,000x your bet, you can also get a flush for 15x your coin value. This is five cards of the same suit – they don’t have to match other than that. It’s a great way to learn more about poker and how it works, don’t you think?

Do you get a chance to win any free spins?

You do, and these are granted at random when you play. If you do get into this feature, you’ll be shown 15 cards, all turned over so you can’t see what they are. You must choose cards until you find a matching pair. The number on those cards is the number of free spins you get. The biggest amount to win is 30, so it’s not a bad round! It’s even possible to get a 2x card prior to picking a matching pair, in which case the number you get is doubled.

Another set of 16 cards is then given to you; here, two matching ones reveal the multiplier the free spins will get. It’s all great fun when you play Reel Poker Slots!