Haunted Reels Slots

It's a touch creepy and ever so satisfying. The three-reel Haunted Reels slots carries a Halloween-style theme with witches, candy, and jack-o-lanterns. Bet a penny or boost the bet to $10 per credit. From there, you can bet one, two, or three credits on each spin.

Discover the Best Reason to Wager Three Credits

While you can win up to 800 coins with a one-credit wager or 1,600 coins on a two-credit wager, there's one really good reason to bet all three credits. You can't win a chance to play the bonus game without wagering all three credits.

No matter what you bet, the witch is key to the biggest prize. With three credits, she also doubles as a wild symbol and will double or quadruple your prize when she helps form a winning payline.

Pick and Choose Your Way to a Big Prize in Haunted Reels Bonus Game

Get the bonus token on the payline and play Haunted Reels bonus. A new screen covers the paytable. You have nine jack 'o lanterns to choose from. Pick one and find out how much you win. Keep the prize or try again. You get four choices in all before the game ends.

If you like classic video slots, but enjoy the exhilarating feel that comes with picking your way to bonus prizes, don't miss Haunted Reels slots. This game takes the best of both worlds and combines it into a game you won't want to overlook.