Farming Futures Slots

Nothing says cheap like this game. Farming Futures Slots is a low budget game with way too many reels that is kind of confusing and looks somewhat like butt. With a cute theme and a lot of heart, that still does not make up for the mess of a game that this ended up being. It looks wonky and plays odd, and we found ourselves almost laughing at the subtle racism inherent to some of the designs. It is so bad that it is at times good, so we recommend playing it at least once for that reason. You will not regret it, and will have something funny to show your coworkers when the time comes to talk about weird things you found on the net. We did!


You can probably guess what is going on here from the title. Good ideas, poor execution, and the result is a hilarious mess of a game that we enjoyed for that reason alone.

The premise of Farming Futures Slots is rich animal and farming related things, which is odd but solid. It does not make much sense, but we can see how it would work in another context if done better. It was not handled well here, however, which is the main fault of it.


To put it lightly, graphics in Farming Futures Slots are crap. They had good intentions, that much is clear. But it looks odd, the colors are off, some of the designs seem deranged, and we are not entirely sure why some of the decisions going into this were made. Maybe they had coins in their eyes like some of the characters? We are not sure. But this is a case study in poor choices on the visual front, from the UI to the illustrations. Add to that the sheer number of reels, and it all looks cluttered and uninviting, like an army of pigs and farm men are going to come after you and steal your dough.


Unfortunately, gameplay here is about the worst part of the game, which is saying a lot. They probably thought that 7 reels and only 9 pay lines was enough to float Farming Futures Slots, but they were wrong. It sinks, and sinks like the Titanic. No bonuses, no wilds, or anything like that. It is oddly bare bones considering they clearly understand innovation is a good idea given the reel count. We are not sure why they did this, as it would have been easy to build in at least standard features, but here we are in the world we are in with this mess of a game and blight to the genre.

Betting goes from a penny to $10, but that is the only saving grace here.


+ Lots of reels + Good intentions + Hilariously bad


- Most everything else - So bad it is almost good


Should you play this game? Hard to say. Farming Futures Slots Is a bad game in a crowded genre that does little to command your attention. It looks like butt, plays like crap, and manages to be kind of boring on top of that. There are not even standard features here, which makes it all feel odd for even existing. Substituting 7 reels for solid gameplay and graphics was a bad idea. We recommend trying it for a good laugh, and a decent payout, but that is about it. Ranked near the bottom of all slots we have ever played.