Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion Slots is a simple game that looks like a kid's imagination drew it that pays out quickly and is a lot of fun. Even the UI looks like it is in on the experience, which is a nice one to be had for anyone willing to give it a chance. We really liked this quirky little slot game, and can see ourselves coming back to it time and again. For that reason, it earns our enthusiastic recommendation, giving a lot more than you would think given its simple nature, and playing better than games many times more complex.


The premise of Alien Invasion Slots is like a 7 year old's take of what aliens coming to attack would be like. Featuring blob monsters and tall guys in space suits and odd space debris type things, this is a sci fi game with a low fi look to it that is not quite steam punk, but something like a campy Star Wars. It works despite that, however, and we think it fits in well with the genre.


Graphics in Alien Invasion Slots are not all that great, but they still have a lot of charm from the obvious amount of care and heart that went into them. The colors are a little grungy, and brief bits of neon appear as if by random, but it all comes together as a cohesive whole that we really like. Everything is crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling to look at, and you will never be wondering what is going on as you play. Even the UI is baked right into the experience, which is more than we can say for most slots where it looks like a complete afterthought.


Gameplay in Alien Invasion Slots is pretty fast and slot. Featuring only 3 reels, this is not a game that makes your head hurt. Bets range from 10 cents to $10, and happen very quickly. Jackpots are decent, and max out at about $20k. Multipliers and free spins also abound to keep the streaks running high, the best being the blaster because it is both a wildcard as well as a 2x multiplier.

We think this simplified by frantic style of gameplay is a good fit for the genre, and would like to see more of it. It goes to show that adding in more reels does not necessarily make something more fun, just harder to look at and manage if it was mismanaged on the side of the developers when they put everything together. It plays almost zen like with a high winning pace that never relents.


+ Grungy space theme + Simple + Fast + Good jackpots and payouts


- Not much


Alien Invasion Slots Is the fast paced space adventure on the moon that pays you for playing it and doubles as a good time. We never thought we would love a classic style game this much with only 3 reels, but we do, and it really sings in the space. Recommending this game is easy, and we do so without any reservations. It is a great time to be had by all, provided you are okay with grungy space exploration on the moon that looks like something that burst fully formed from a child's mind.